Project Dr. PLAY

It is a project selected in the 2017 call for the Erasmus + Program. This project belongs to the key action of cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. It is a project KA219 Strategic Partnerships between schools, and three countries participate: Poland, Portugal and Spain. It has a duration of 24 months and an allocated budget of 66.190,00 Euros.
The purpose of the Dr. Play project is for hospitalized children to break their isolation by coming into contact with children from other countries. On the other hand, that children of ordinary schools be in solidarity with sick children.
The target group of the project are primary-school children (6-12 years old) who attend the Hospital Schools, whose characteristics are: - Different origin - Various pathologies - Variable stays - Voluntary assistance Also, primary and secondary students from Spain, Portugal and Poland will participate, who will elaborate teaching materials and visit the hospital classrooms.

Games of Dr. Play